Traditional strength training vs Biomechanics training

Let's compare traditional strength training vs biomechanics

Biomechanics training refers to exercises that focuses on improving the coordination and strength of the muscle systems used during standing, walking, running, and throwing. These exercises often involve multiple muscle groups, all 3 planes of motion and movements that mimic the natural patterns of gait and human movement.

Traditional strength training methods, typically focus on isolating individual muscle groups and working them with specific exercises. For example, a traditional strength training routine might include exercises like squats and bench press, which are considered compound movements but only operate in one plane of motion. Training in one plane of motion all the time will start to exacerbate the imbalances your body has.

One of the main benefits of biomechanics training is that it can improve the functional strength and coordination of the muscles used during walking, running, jumping, and throwing which can lead to improved athleticism and reduced risk of injury. This type of personal training can also be more effective in improving balance, stability and body control.

Another benefit is that it can improve the overall muscle activation as compared to traditional strength training methods which focus on a specific muscle group and can be less effective. Improving overall muscle activation  means more fat burning!

So with that said training biomechanics gets you ready for reality not just the gym. Whether you want to improve your athleticism,  gain strength for life, or just keeping up with your kids, our style of personal training is for you!


  • "Biomechanical Basis of Human Movement" by Joseph Hamill and Katherine Knutzen
  • "Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise" by Peter McGinnis

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