Discover the power of the Fit 3D body scan, a revolutionary technology featured on The Biggest Loser and Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian. In just 40 seconds, this advanced scan provides a detailed three-dimensional image of your body, offering invaluable insights into your body composition and overall wellness.


Unlock a Wealth of Information

Body Composition

Understand your body composition in detail, including DEXA-correlated body fat percentage, lean mass, and fat mass. This comprehensive analysis provides a deeper understanding of your body's composition and helps you track progress accurately.

3D Images and Measurements

Get a visual representation of your body in three dimensions. The scan captures precise measurements and contours, allowing you to see your body's shape and changes over time.

Balance & Posture Analysis

Gain insights into your balance and posture with the Fit 3D body scan. Identify areas that may require attention, enabling you to address imbalances and improve your overall alignment.

Body Shape Wellness Scoring

Receive a body shape wellness score that evaluates the balance and proportions of different body areas. This score helps assess your overall body shape and provides guidance for targeted improvements.

Four-Point Weight Scale

The Fit 3D body scan includes a four-point weight scale, allowing you to track weight distribution across different areas of your body.

Hundreds of Measurements for Tailoring

Benefit from hundreds of precise body measurements that can be utilized for tailored fitness and clothing recommendations.

Curious to see how the body scan works?

Watch our video to get a glimpse of this remarkable technology in action.


Fitness Assessments: Track Your Progress, Achieve Your Goals

Whether your fitness goals involve gaining muscle, losing weight, or improving posture and movement, the Fit 3D Body Scan assessment is an invaluable tool on your journey. Our personal trainers will guide you through the results of your body scan, helping you understand how your body is changing with your new fitness regime. They will track your progress over time, providing you with the necessary feedback and adjustments to optimize your fitness journey.

Schedule your Fit 3D body scan today and embark on a comprehensive assessment that will enhance your understanding of your body and support your pursuit of your fitness goals.