Metabolic Rebuild

Fit x Design teams up with Metabolic Rebuild to bring you the best and most efficient results!

Have you been struggling to get the weight off, do you feel like everything you try isn't working?

Let our team of metabolic specialists take the guess work out for you, with our 3-phase metabolic program we will be able boost your metabolism so you can enjoy more fulfilling food while hitting your fitness goals. Trying to drop the weight by constantly dropping the calorie intake, will leave you tired, weak, and "skinny fat". With our Metabolic rebuild you will feel stronger, lean, and ready to tackle any obstacle put in front of you!

With this program you will:

  • focus on daily tasks to build good "PERSONAL" habits
  • build your metabolism so your body can effectively burn fat
  • gain energy and strength
  • be connected with a community for support
  • be taught the correct ways to eat for "YOU"
  • be expected to be honest with your coach about your food
  • be held accountable to the goals you set
  • be expected to change eating, fitness, and lifestyle habits

We have two different options depending on the level of assistance and accountability you need. Click the links below for the option you'd like to sign up for. (Current clients talk to your trainer to receive exclusive discount!)

Metabolic Rebuild - Basic

Metabolic Rebuild - Premium

Partner this with our Personal Training to boost your results and efficiency. We even have a Fit3d body scanner to ensure we are seeing every detail when it comes to your health and fitness! Stay tuned to what this gym of personal trainers in #coppelltx is doing, we're driven with passion to achieve results and we prove it everyday!

Jumpstart your Metabolism - Black Friday Special

Sneak peek at our new partnership along with an amazing Black Friday Special!

Pickelball Tournament

Join Fit by Design at our first Pickleball event. Event is free to attend, $25/person to join the 16-team tournament Nov. 4th 12pm. Wagon Wheel Tennis Center. Double elimination.

Traditional strength training vs Biomechanics training

Biomechanics training refers to exercises that focuses on improving the coordination and strength of the muscle systems used during standing, walking, running, and throwing. These exercises often involve multiple muscle groups, all 3 planes of motion and movements that mimic the natural patterns of gait and human movement.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation therapy, uses low-level red (660nm) and near-infrared light (850nm) to stimulate the cell's mitochondria which aids the body's natural healing processes. It has been found to be beneficial for addressing inflammation and pain management.


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